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The York Foundation

In an effort to address the disparity that people with disabilities experience everyday, Dr. Clarence York and Robert Stack created The York Foundation, an IRS tax-exempt organization under 501(c)3, identification number 22-3839872.

The York Foundation intends to establish a $10 million endowment to further our effort to help empower individuals with disabilities. The Foundation seeks to assist individuals with disabilities in achieving their maximum potential by integrating independence, self-determination, and productivity into all facets of their lives.

The York Foundation serves as a proactive partner with the community to promote an environment of dignity and self-determination for individuals with disabilities and their families. The Foundation's primary focus is centered on developing programs and services that will empower individuals with disabilities.

Primary Funding Interests:

The ability to accomplish these three goals is vital to the continued success of Community Options, Inc. and the individuals supported by its programs. With financial support derived from interest income of the endowment fund, The York Foundation will develop a stable funding source to enhance the mission of Community Options, Inc.

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All gifts to The York Foundation, regardless of the amount, are truly appreciated, and help us carry out our mission of empowerment and inclusion for people with disabilities. The York Foundation offers several financial giving options, listed below, each with its own advantages.

Planned Giving

Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Life Estate Agreement
Life Insurance
Wills & Bequests

Ways to Give

To donate, please visit comop.org/get-involved/financial-gifts/. After your donation is received, you will receive an acknowledgement letter for your records with our tax identification number.

To learn more about the many ways you can help The York Foundation and Community Options, Inc., please contact The York Foundation at: (609) 951-9900 or

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Community Options Inc.

About Community Options, Inc.

Residential Services
Community Options, Inc. provides community-based options for residential support services to individuals with disabilities. Staff meet with the individual and their family to ensure that each individual's plan is person-centered, incorporating the person's preferences accordingly.

Housing services are designed to assist people with disabilities moving from nursing homes and state institutions, or who are living with family members and are on waiting lists for community placement, to find housing in the community. Community Options also provides supports for people living at home with their families or residing in their own homes.

Employment Services
Community Options Enterprises, Inc. (COE) provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, regardless of the severity of their disability. COE works to empower people with disabilities who were previously institutionalized and labeled “unteachable”. By seeing beyond the disability and focusing on individuals’ abilities and strengths, COE gives people with disabilities the opportunity to realize their true potential.

Three different employment programs have been developed for individuals seeking career development and exploration.

Supported Employment: Supported employment gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work in competitive jobs within the community. People served receive assistance in attaining a job, matching their skills, interests, and work environment needs. Each person receives individualized assistance in order to make the best job match.

Entrepreneurial Businesses: Our entrepreneurial businesses serve as an alternative to traditional adult training centers or workshops. The entrepreneurial businesses are owned and operated by COE in order to teach and employ people with disabilities. These businesses provide the opportunity for individuals to learn transferable skills, make at least minimum wage, and be integrated into an environment with the general population.

Option Quest: Option Quest does not replace or eliminate the opportunity for persons receiving support to work in the community. Option Quest can be the vehicle that enables people to explore their abilities while working with their support staff in discovering their potential.

Option Quest strives to educate employers while matching people receiving support to jobs that allow them to achieve fulfillment and benefit their employers.

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History of Community Options, Inc
Community Options, Inc was incorporated on February 9, 1989, to develop residential and employment supports for people with severe disabilities, utilizing technology and training. As a national agency, Community Options has participated in institutional closure and community residential placement for thousands of people across several states. Community Options does not administer any large congregate programs, recognizing that people with the most severe disabilities need environments, equipment, clinical and staff support that are tailored to their very specific needs. In its history, the agency has developed a reputation for quality, through cost effective administration, that encourages individual choice and flexibility.

The officers, management and staff of Community Options, Inc. have many years of experience in providing community-based residential and employment support to people with intellectual disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury and dual diagnoses. The agency has developed an expertise in working with state and county-based authorities to facilitate community placement for persons moving from institutions. This expertise includes utilization of national staff to support locally recruited executive directors in submitting individualized service plans, locating and securing appropriate homes, condominiums and apartments, and recruiting and training experienced staff. Community Options also hires state-of-the-art consultants to assist staff in designing and operating services that meet very specific needs.

Additionally, the organization is experienced in providing International support services in the United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East. Read what USAID has written about us by clicking here.
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The People

The strength of Community Options has always been its people. The careful selection and training of staff members has created a culture based on commitment to community-based support and respect for individual dreams. The corporate structure provides national support and local autonomy. The early decision to maintain one corporate entity nationwide and to centralize functional departments has proven effective. Planning, human resources, fiscal services, technology, training and public relations support are all based in Princeton, New Jersey.

This allows executive directors to concentrate on people and program issues. National staff members maintain a sharp focus on the corporate mission through connections with the people receiving services. This convivial atmosphere allows employees at every level to celebrate individual triumphs and to understand the direct link between job performance and the quality of life for people with disabilities. Employees are valued for the professional and personal talents they bring to their positions.

A composite bond application was approved by the Economic Development Authority of the State of New Jersey to maximize future capital acquisitions. Insurance costs have been reduced through membership in an insurance pool. National vendors are utilized to reduce unit price costs, thereby taking advantage of volume discounts. The goal of the business office is to identify opportunities to allocate maximum funding to direct service expenditures.

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The York Foundation Board of Directors

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“Our American society would be much further away from the goal of delivering on the promise of economic self-sufficiency and personal freedom for persons with mental retardation.”
Madeleine Will
Washington, D.C

“Our daughter would still be at our house because no agency could find a place suitable for her needs. Until we found Community Options, no other place was able to meet the requirements we mandated for our daughter’s care.”
Dee and Denise Joiner, parents of Danielle
Amarillo, Texas

“My child would be in a home doing nothing, or in a center-based program.”
Betty Brewer, mother of Josh
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“My child would be unloved except for our family, and very, very unhappy.”
Barbara Burns, mother of Dawn
Burlington County, New Jersey

“Our child would never have or have had the opportunity to experience the same quality of life as other young men his age."
Brenda Carpenter, mother of Brent
Dallas, Texas

“My brother would still be in Mayview.”
Kathleen Roy, sister of Dan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“My child would not receive the nurturing to become the person he is today, sharing with his peers and living in his community.”
Liller Griffin, mother of Kenneth
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

“My daughter would not be challenged to live a more independent and happy life.”
Eleanor Esposito, mother of Caren
Brooklyn, New York

“Our daughter would not have a huge family of support to help her build a life of her own based on her choices, filled with many new possibilities.”
Gayle Lee, mother of Lyrica
Nashville, Tennessee

“Our sister would be very bored. Thank you Community Options for all you’ve done.”
Concepcion Rainville, sister of Josepha
El Paso, Texas

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